Having regard to drastic changes made in economic, political, cultural and social systems of the third millennium, steps toward sustainable development under the shadow of the public attempt, societies mobilization in the leadership of modern rights and sciences have to be taken with further acceleration. To achieve such a great task, new tools with encouraging policies are needed and to attain such a target, data propagation training, strategic planning, holding counselor training workshops, experts panel discussions, organizational, equipment and financial protections will be required and we made our mind with proper understanding on time to bring forth our journalistic message that is to clear up public opinions and to upgrade the public level of knowledge as a starting point of our faith and belief and in order to optimize the national reserves especially lubricants and the related products we are now publishing a journal following 80 years of the first automobile brought to Iran and exceeding two centuries after the Industrial Revolution occurred so that a significant and fundamental step to be taken toward deepening major targets and a principled thought in preventing unnecessary consumption of renewable resources, a praiseworthy and great move confirmed by the scientists involved and the expertise group of researchers to the Research Center for Oil of the Petroleum Industry Research Institute and we hope that the Industrial Lubricants Quarterly, as much as we made an effort, will be of a good benefit and deliberation. The present specialized Industrial Lubricants Journal is being published as a news, analytic, educational, research and informative one and is circulated internationally in the. order of a quarterly in the area of scientific generalities and in two Persian English languages. The Industrial Lubricants (Quarterly) will be focusing on the recognition, publicity, marketing and giving the views of producers, distributors ,suppliers of raw materials, importers and exporters, forwarding corporations' consumers, research centers and the providing body of new technologies which all will result in finding new markets upon scientific trade principles. On this basis, to have a prolific Journal, The Industrial Lubricants Quarterly would be enthusiastic enough to receive comments, proposals, papers and critics.



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