Environmental Research and Creation Institute


Exclusive designer and executor of the National Ecolabeling Project  of Iran



  • To render research activities, counselors services, to design and to implement the following items:

  • To assess the ecological effects of the development plans,

  • Quality assurance management systems,

  • Methods of reducing pollutants of human, natural, marine, ... environments,

  • Methods of reducing special pollutants,                                   I

  • Holding conferences, serious and general- specialized ecological fairs in cultural,

    touristic, anthropologic, industrial and economic areas,

  • Compilation, translation and print of books, journal and brochures,

  • Touristic travels to the protected areas of Iran to the end of a research orientation

    of local and foreign citizens,

  • Special and public training on the environment

  • Protection of bio-diversity,

  • Protection of the Ozone layer,

  • Sustainable development,

  • Pile up disposal  and recycle of solid wastes and sewerage,

  • Green space plans.